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Son Del Monte


Genre:Cha cha cha,Changuí,Latin,Mambo,Salsa,Son montuno,World music,

Style: Background,Exotic,Groove,Lively,Mellow,Music to dance to,Raw,Technically skilled,


Son Del Monte play authentic Cuban son - the essential Afro-Cuban sound that originated on the streets of eastern Cuba and gave rise to modern salsa.

This music is an intoxicating fusion of Spanish and African rhythms and, coming from Santiago De Cuba (the birthplace of son), the band are passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre. The band members all have a lifetime’s experience playing son, both as recording artists and in live performances at venues around the world.

The band has a flexible line-up that can be tailored to match the occasion – and they’re guaranteed to turn any event into a fiesta.

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